Planet Berrylius

Tentacular NFT
3 min readJan 23, 2022

The Tentacular are a strange but friendly race of creatures that were recently discovered on the planet of Berrylius. Their humble home planet may not seem like anything too significant to us ordinary humans, but for them, it is the perfect paradise. On most occasions, the climate is warm and temperate, with a short yet intense rainy season that is perfectly tolerable albeit damp. Over time the concentrated rainy season helped to form a network of caves throughout the surface of the planet. These small tentacled creatures have chosen the caves as their preferred dwellings and have built their entire settlements within them. The surface of Berrylius is wet and fertile, which just happens to be the ideal conditions for growing berries. Perhaps it was chance or maybe even fate, but berries are the Tentacular’s food of choice.

Just another peaceful village on Planet Berrylius.

Berrylius was very peaceful and calm for the Tentacular that lived there. They had little to worry about and all the berries they could eat. They spent most of their time eating or sleeping within the elaborate cave systems. The creatures were known to spend up to 18 hours every day sleeping in their cave. Their villages were simple yet well organized. It is common to find that each cave dweller had their own room filled with small personal treasures (the casual observer will notice that the Tentacular will grab anything in tentacle reach and cherish it in an ever growing personal trove). While these odd little hoarders are not sleeping or collecting berries, they are hanging out with other Tentacular. For creatures that spend most of their lives sleeping, they have quite intricate social lives. It is most common to find them in the village center playing games or sharing spooky stories around a bonfire. You may find it amusing to know that the Tentacular loved the internet, they especially enjoy endlessly scrolling through funny videos and reading comments from internet trolls.

The inside of a cozy Tentacular cave.

It is true that the Tentacular are very affectionate little creatures and tend to huddle together for comfort for warmth. It’s common to find small tentacled babies gathered underneath the precious female Tentacular, usually so small they are hidden deep within their mother’s soft tentacle fur.

The prosperous Tentacular flourish on their planet with unity and community.

Life on Berrylius was as close to a utopia as you could get for the Tentacular. Until one day, they discovered something lurking within their world. Deep inside the cave villages where they dwell lies a mysterious force, pushing them out of their homes.

At first they noticed that their berry crops were wilting away and dying before they could produce any fruit, then the rain stopped coming and the planet became dry and arid. Most recently, Tentacular children have gone missing from their homes in the middle of the night. No matter the measures they took to retreat and fortify new villages, the mysterious force continued to follow them and haunt them. Any attempts made to find the missing village members just resulted in more missing search parties until the king decreed that it wasn’t safe to leave the villages. The Tentacular had no other choice but to escape and venture out for a new home.

Luckily enough, they spend a reasonable amount of time on the internet, they have familiarized themselves with the blockchain, a haven for their migration journey. The Tentacular have sent their signal, and now it is your turn to help them find a safe new home!



Tentacular NFT

From the cave villages of Planet Berrylius, to the algorithmically generated spans of the metaverse, the Tentacular have begun their migration to the blockchain